Roller peeler for potatoes and vegetables




Continuous abrasive peeling of the goods

very good peeling results without flat peeling
carborundum-coated rollers with varied granularity for low peeling losses
rollers with knives for optimal surface quality
low water consumption
half-quick-system for easy changeover of the peeling rollers
all peeling parameters can be set individually for different quality raw materials
easy to operate
closed housing with strong sheet metal covers for easy cleaning
secondary peeling option for second quality level

Mode of operation
In a roller peeler, the goods are subjected to continuous, abrasive peeling by rotating rollers. The rollers can be fitted with carborundum or knives, and different combinations are also possible.

The new Maranatha Half-Quick-System allows for quick roller changeovers. A speed-controlled screw conveyor transports the goods through the roller peeler. Spray lances are integrated in the roller peeler to wet-clean the goods. A surge tank for the peeling waste and a wastewater pump are located beneath the roller peeler.

Technical details:

from 3,75 kW to 8,75 kW


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