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French Fries Production Line

French fries production line for sale in Gelgoog. The French fries plant, also known as potato strips making plant, is a complete process line for manufacturing potato French fries out of potatoes. Like potato chips, French fries are also popular snacks for people around the world. So it is a profitable business opportunity to operate a French fries processing line. Each piece of equipment in Gelgoog is made to meet high quality as well as sanitation standards. And the French fries line can be customized to meet customers’ specific needs. Equipped with professional knowledge and rich experience, we are dedicated to …

Half Fried Potato Line

French Fries…there is hardly any other food product that has to meet higher consumer expectations. You can find Fries anywhere and they are consumed in vast quantities. A consistent quality can only be achieved with first-class production facilities …

Peeling line with Batchpeeler

The EIMA Peeling Line with Batchpeeler has become even more effective. It can optionally be equipped with a Peeler Plate with a carborundum coating or a peeling disc with blades …

Peeling Line with Carborundum-type Peeling Machine

French Fries…there is hardly any other food product that has to meet higher consumer expectations. You can find Fries anywhere and they are consumed in vast quantities. A consistent quality can only be achieved with first-class production facilities …

Potato Chips Line

The market for snack items always opens up more interesting Possibilities. New  flavours and shapes differentiated in taste and form Products require individual machines and innovative solutions Developments for your production …

Potato Flakes Line

There is hardly any basic and all-purpose product, such as Potato Flakes. Whether it is being used for further processing or as mixing product, the application of this starchy intermediate product becomes more and more popular, even in the non-food sector …

Snack-Pellet Line

The market for snack items opens even more interesting possibilities. Ever new products, different in taste and shape, demand individually designed machines and innovative developments for your production line  …

Small Potato Line

This example of a 5-ton per hour potato wash line provides a simple and cost effective post-harvest solution. Potatoes can be received onto an Elevator where they are feed into a Horizontal Debris Remover, to remove loose dirt, vine  and other debris  …

Medium Potato Line

This 25-ton potato line has two receiving options. Produce may be  received directly from a field harvest truck or via storage bins using an Electric Bin Tipper …

Large Potato Line

This 90-ton potato line demonstrates the scale and complexity required to process and handle large volumes of produce. Receiving is managed via large storage bins or directly from field harvest trucks …

Small Carrot Line

Smaller post-harvest processing operations need flexibility and performance. This example of a 5-ton per hour carrot wash line offers just that. Produce can be received onto an Elevator or via a Manual Bin Tipper into a Wet Hopper (a 2-ton capacity hopper is shown here). After an initial soak, produce is lifted out of the hopper and fed onto a Hedgehog Top Remover …

Medium Carrot Line

This 20-ton per hour carrot line is able to receive from different-sized bins. Produce enters the line from large 4-ton bins via the Mega-Tip Rotary Bin Tipper and 1-ton bins via the Electric Bin Tipper …

Large Carrot Line

When scale and precision are important the configuration options available in this example of a 45-ton per hour line become a necessity. Three receiving systems are showcased, including a traditional Truck Washout, a Bin Tipper and an auto bin-handling system …

Medium Onion Line

Onions require great care to avoid bruising and damage. This example of a 25-ton per hour line demonstrates a range of on-demand gentle handling solutions. Onions are received from field trucks or field bins via a Bin Tipper – Manual, Hydraulic or Electric are all suitable options …

Pre-sort Line

re-sorting is a common practice in the fruit industry for packing at a later date based on demand. The fragile nature of fruit requires gentle handling to avoid any damage. There is a choice of dry and wet handling …

Automated Warehousing

Automated warehouse systems can offer significant benefits for fruit packhouses needing short term storage between pre-sorting and packing …

Bin Handling Equipment

View our range of bin handling equipment designed for fruit processing  …

Packaging and Palletising Equipment

View our range of packaging and palletising equipment designed for fruit processing lines …

Maran Atha

Founded in 2001 on the basis of many years of experience in the industry. Its founders are engineers – they have extensive experience in the production of machines for the processing of production lines and foods. The range of activities varies from design and production to installation and commissioning on site and tunnels freezing (IQF)
Intended for freezing fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, seafood, pasta factories and flour mills. Share Maran Atha
Also in the production of machines included in the technological lines for the processing of fruits and vegetables. General contracting works, finishes, integrated governmental and non-governmental works, and the army.

Our Vision

Maran Atha destination and direction of all food factories, production lines, packaging machines, stainless steel works, cold and freezing rooms and warehouses, quick-freezing tunnels, central air conditioning, central kitchens, pasta factories and flour mills in the Middle East and Africa.

Our Mission

We are an industrial group specialized in manufacturing, installing and maintaining production lines, packaging machines and quick-freezing tunnels in the Middle East and North Africa. Production and development of modern devices of reliable quality with added value to the customer, society and environment. Credibility in providing comprehensive work services and optimal response to client needs and work requirements. A professional and educated team and a safe and stable work environment that encourages creativity, innovation and talent.

Core Values

– Trust: Granting rights, performing duties, and bearing responsibility for work towards clients, society and the environment.

– Credibility: Honesty in work, time and word to elevate the trust of customers and society.

– Customer Satisfaction: Directing all activities of the organization towards achieving customer satisfaction.

– Follow-up: Paying attention to the details of the business and its results and measuring its effects in enhancing customer satisfaction and community service.

A safe and encouraging work environment: Providing a healthy and encouraging work environment for creativity and talent.

French Fries

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