Brush peel remover for potatoes and vegetables



Brushing and peeling of loosely adhering shells

optimal final result even in deepenings on the goods
gentle separation of the shell
minimum peeling losses
Different brush layouts possible

Mode of operation
In the brush peel remover, the goods are continuously brushed off by rotating rollers. The rollers are equipped with a longitudinal brush coating. The new EIMA Half-Quick system enables the rollers to be replaced quickly.
A speed-controlled worm shaft takes care of the transport within the brush shell remover. For wet cleaning of the goods, appropriate spray lances are integrated.

Below the brush peel remover there is a collecting bin for the waste as well as a waste water pump.


from 5 t/h to 15 t/h
Technical details:

from 3,75 kW to 8,75 kW
0,5 m³/h


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