Barrel Washer




Maranatha Barrel Washer gently and effectively washes fresh produce while removing soil and small stones.


A  Outfeed elevator – For gentle produce handling, at high speeds if needed. Outfeed height can be set to suit your needs. Optional Gooseneck available to gently drop onto the next piece of equipment.

 Removable side panels – Easy access to internal parts.

C  Variable speed controlled barrel – Change produce wash intensity by adjusting barrel rotation speed.

D  Adjustable outfield gate (manual or automatic) – Holds produce in the barrel for a more intense wash.

E  Agitation bars inside the barrel – Gives the best cleaning results.

 Inspection hatches – Quick and easy cleaning and maintenance access.

G  Drive system positioned out of the water – Easy access, longer life for drive system.

H  Perforated barrel – Produce can run partially or fully submerged.

 Barrel stabiliser and alignment rollers – Barrel stays stable as it rotates.

Internal cleaning bars – Automatic barrel rinsing and cleaning, reduces manual cleaning time.


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