Line Description

This 20-ton per hour carrot line is able to receive from different-sized bins. Produce enters the line from large 4-ton bins via the Mega-Tip Rotary Bin Tipper and 1-ton bins via the Electric Bin Tipper. In this example both are manually loaded by forklift. The carrots are gently received into the Wet Hopper and then soaked. From here they are elevated to the Hedgehog Top remover and are de-stoned. A short flume section carries the produce directly into a Mega-Polisher where they are then polished. Cooling occurs via a Hydro-cooler unit before the carrots are inspected for quality and sized. From here two options are available for the produce: sized carrots may be conveyed directly to Vertical Bin and Bag Fillers, for dry storage, or Wet Bunkers can receive the sized produce for short-term storage prior to commercial packaging by way of an integrated Weigher, Bagging and Palletising system.

A line configuration such as this would suit a medium-sized packhouse where capacity, cooling and automation are important.