Line Description

When scale and precision are important the configuration options available in this example of a 45-ton per hour line become a necessity. Three receiving systems are showcased, including a traditional Truck Washout, a Bin Tipper and an auto bin-handling system. In each case the carrots are gently received into Wet Hoppers, soaked and then elevated to the Hedgehog Top remover before being de-stoned. A short flume section carries the produce directly into the Mega-Polishers where they are then polished. Next the carrots are sorted mechanically and optically into the desired grades. They are then stored in Chilled Wet Bunkers (or in Dry Bunkers) before a final inspection and commercial packaging, either into produce bins via a Vertical Bin Filler or by way of an integrated Weigher, Bagging and Palletising system.

A line configuration such as this would suit a larger packhouse where scale, demand management and automation are important. To learn more about the various machines used in this line please follow the links below.