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Our undisputed technological leadership has made us the number one supplier of solutions and machinery to the worldwide cocoa and chocolate industry.

Maran Atha advantages for the industry


Unique DoMiReCo processes for the highest quality and efficiency

Proven, best-in-class technology for dosing, mixing, two-stage refining, conching or liquification.

Ball mill grinding for cocoa, nuts & chocolate and compounds

Highly efficient, Nova and SmartChoc ball mill grinding applications for a uniquely consistent and reproducible end product quality.

Customer care for higher uptime

From spare and wear parts to machine recondition, retrofits, training, maintenance, in-plant technical services, safety and OEE consulting, we can help you to maintain the highest availability and productivity.

Chocolate Mass

Mould preparing

Empty mould detection and mould pre-heating

To achieve an optimal smooth gloss without marks from air inclusions, it is essential that your moulds are pre-heated. Our pre-heating tunnels provide a temperature range you can adjust to suit your product needs, and evenly applies it for homogenous heating of every mould.

Depositing and vibration

Starting with the right mass

For perfect shapes and figures, it is essential you start with the exact same quantity of chocolate mass.  Our depositing technology provides consistent depositing by weight. By shaking the moulds we ensure that unwanted air is being removed.

Mould closing

Locking in your shape

A tight seal is critical for a fully complete final figure or shell. We use centering pins and magnets to lock the empty mould on top of the mould containing your chocolate mass to ensure a perfect seal, every time.


Ensuring an even distribution

An even distribution throughout the mould is key to achieving a good-looking product with a stable construction. We use vibration to distribute your chocolate mass with careful rotation that ensures you get consistent coverage throughout the mould.

Rotation and cooling

Allowing the shape to set

You need each chocolate shell to cool without sagging. To do so, we use rotational forces applied in a two-axis movement with an inner and outer frame. This holds your semi-liquid mass in place while it cools. A final shell cooler (without rotation) completes the process.

Mould opening

Timing your opening

There is an art to knowing when you can open the mould without damaging your shape. Depending on your product, we use set dwell times, or include a 180° hammering movement, to ensure the automated mould opening occurs at the right time for each recipe.

Demoulding Test

Careful handling

When the temperature is right, we use a twist station to ensure each shape is ready for removal. Our state-of-the-art pick-and-place solutions use vacuum suction to gently and safely lift your finished articles and set then down into counter molds or a moving belt, ready for packaging.

Hollow figures