Half Automatic French Fries Production Line


Potato production line, semi-fried, semi-automatic

Maranatha manufactures different equipment for treating potatoes. We offer you the best solution for your potato processing line. Other than simple potato peeling lines (including des-stoner, washing machines, abrasive peelers, knife peelers, polishing materials, etc.), we offer complete solutions for french fries processing line as well as potato chips processing line.
We offer you a turnkey project from planning planning to installation and commissioning
Potatoes are peeled with minimal product loss. After that it is carefully and well cut, dried and fried, then dried again to produce the finished product
In addition, the process is completed using freezing and packaging
The essence of the production process includes less vulnerability to breakdowns, minimal loss of raw materials, efficient use of water and energy, and ease of operation
This leads to the production of high-quality french fries with a greasy and moist content so that they are perfectly cooked and have excellent flavor and color.
Our devices are able to provide these results thanks to high quality technology and ease of operation.
Each of this equipment is made of high quality stainless steel for hygienic standards and easy to clean
High working efficiency, saving effort and energy
Equipped with an advanced and efficient heating system to avoid wasting energy
Economical, practical, and high quality with competitive prices